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Related article: Subject: [Paleopsych] ACC-list: Post-Darwinian Conflict Message-ID: Post-Darwinian Conflict Arthur C. Clarke list Date: Fri, Buy Pure Hoodia 19 Aug 2005 15:59:36 -0000 From: "Alex Alaniz, PhD" To: acc-list at An essay concerning law, social identity, inequality, conflict, crime, warfare and economic reality at the cusp of humanity's entry into post-corporeal, post-Darwinian evolution Introduction--Humanity's entry into the post-Darwinian era A draft of the human genome was released in the journal Nature in 2001 [1]. Today, the technology to sequence a human genome from scratch is being reduced to smallish, so-called biochips by companies like Affymetrix. In addition to finding their way into your doctor's office in the not-too-distant future, such biochips are currently being used with other advanced technologies Where Can I Buy Hoodia Gordonii to study how our DNA circuitry works in real-time [2], as well as to compare how the circuitry changes from youth to old age [3]. Genome therapies, moreover, are currently working their way thru clinical trials, and are about to be performed on the unborn [4]. We have developed genetically modified foods, and have mixed monkeys with jelly fish [5] to name but a few examples of our growing prowess to treat genetic codes as so much software. Humanity, thus, for better or for worse, has entered the era of post-Darwinian evolution, and it will not be long Hoodia 500 Mg before we begin tinkering with ways Order Hoodia Gordonii to extend our Hoodia 1000 Mg lives and augment our capabilities. Even more profoundly, it is not too far-fetched to imagine humanity Buy Hoodia Gordonii Plus entering a post-corporeal as Unique Hoodia Where To Buy well as a post-Darwinian era. Consider the recent development of neuroelectronic systems in particular [6] and the current clinical work to build direct brain/machine interfaces for paraplegics and Buy Hoodia Gordonii quadriplegics [7]. The FDA has, in Hoodia Cheap fact, recently granted approval to allow Cyberkinetics to begin a clinical trial in which small chips will be placed beneath the skulls of paraplegic patients to control computers by thought alone. Further down the line there are ongoing efforts to build brain chips to replace Alzheimer and stroke damaged brain tissue in general by Dr. Berger and colleagues at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Given the above developments and humanity's propensity for seeking out competitive advantages, it is likely that in the not-too-distant future people will seek out elective, post-Darwinian brain augmentation procedures, and that new kinds of social conflict will arise. In other words, we should be expecting profound changes in social identity, Hoodia Gordonii Plus Where To Buy inequality, conflict, crime, warfare, economic and legal reality to come to pass in the not-too-distant future. To this end, many people, several organizations Where To Buy Hoodia Gordonii Plus and even the United States government are already beginning to address some of the issues of a post-Darwinian, Buy Hoodia Uk post-corporeal future. The United States, Buy Gordonii Hoodia for instance, under the National Science Foundation Hoodia Slimming Tablets (NSF) grant CTS-0128860 cosponsored a large, extensive study entitled, "Converging technologies for improving human performance: nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science." Additionally, in this case with the support of the Commerce Department, the Where To Buy Hoodia Diet Pills Converging Technologies Bar Association (CTBA) was recently launched in New York. Please refer to the CTBA at Buy Hoodia Pills Also recently, Professor George Khushf and several colleagues of the University of South Carolina won a 1.35 Hoodia Gordonii Buy million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study the societal impact of nanotech and related trends such as nano, bio, info and cognitive technology convergence. This essay will address some of the legal, social, and economic issues of a post-Darwinian future, pose many questions, and try to make the Buy Hoodia Patch case that now is the time for active discussion regarding the development of legal and economic means to greatly reduce?if not altogether prevent?the dangers and pitfalls of the real future shock about to befall all of us, namely, our entry into a post-Darwinian evolutionary era. It will also touch on the possible natures and physical restrictions constraining a post-Darwinian Where To Buy Hoodia Gordonii evolution, and discuss our likely motivations for entry into a post-corporeal era, along with the possible attendant social and economic consequences, such as the possibility of the richest rich, as post corporeal beings, so rapidly consuming the world's resources, the poorest poor are starved out of existence. It will conclude with a call for simulations of the world in the not-too-distant future along the lines of the popular internet Buy Hoodia Diet Pills game SimCity.